The Terms and Conditions regulate all the relationships between a gambling website and its visitors in legal, gameplay, and service utility fields.

General Information

To use Miami Club, the users must fall under the following requirements:

  • Not to be from the following countries, where online casino gambling is restricted: Netherlands, Israel, France, and other countries. Gambling is completely banned in DPRK or Iran.
  • The age of the registering player must exceed 18 or 21 years old.
  • We require personal information from a player. In any suspicion of the fraud, the staff has a right to limit or delete the account.

Gambling Activities

Our Team wants to turn your attention to the fact that is neither a casino nor a payment institution. We are a marketing agency specializing in online gambling. Reference to “Our”, “Our Online Casino”, “Miami Club Casino” means as chosen by our Team. Be aware that our content is designed to provide general guides and describes options that aren’t represented on our website.

The casino reminds players about the legal responsibility for playing the games at online casinos. We can provide you with an advice, but we don’t bear any responsibility for the consequences of your choice.

The gaming activity at a partner casino is possible without the first deposit in some cases. However, several casino activities, like participating in some promotions or collecting loyalty points, require real money funding of an account at a casino you registered with. We want to remind you to Play Responsibly due to the consequences of irresponsible real money gaming:

  • huge money losses;
  • risks of gambling addiction;

At the same time, by using any casino, the players confirm that they will use all the services of the chosen casino for entertaining purposes only.

All other reasons, such as money laundering, cheating, etc. are prohibited. By using a casino featured in our reviews you agree that they are fair.

We don’t bear any responsibility for the consequences of gaming addiction. By using any of online casinos on Miami Club website, the player confirms that we did not promote the addiction or made you play the games.

Account Registration

By signing in to Miami Club Casino, you agree to disclose (if required):

  • full first and last names;
  • physical address (with country, region, city, postal code, and street);
  • mobile phone number;
  • date of birth;
  • contact information (email address);
  • currency of the money operations;
  • login and password for the account;
  • the acceptance of the full Terms and Conditions.

The player must know that it is his or her responsibility to keep the password and login details safe from other people. In case of the suspicion, we can block the account and not provide it with further support. WE are not responsible for the losses or hacks of the account.

Account Maintenance

All action connected with wagering and money depositing must be conducted through an online casino you use. We don’t conduct such operations. We don’t make refunds.

Notifying a casino about the mistakes is a player’s responsibility. All bonuses apply wagering requirements, and limits. Miami Club isn’t responsible for the banking problems caused by banks or electronic wallets.

More often than not accounts that are not active for more than a year are considered doormat and abandoned by casinos. In this case, a company reserves the right to take all the remaining funds. The account can be reactivated at the request of the owner. In this case, casinos give a player 60 days for showing the activity.

Miami Club Casino warns players about absolute prohibition of offensive behavior within oure website. The players must communicate with the staff respectively and politely. The company reserves a right to change the player’s ID if it is offensive.

Important! Any violation of the terms and conditions can lead to the investigation and limitation of the services for a player. In some cases, a gambler can have their account deleted with no right to restore it.